Hedcut portrait of Rowan Atkinson

Here I tried new pen sizes, as I tend to bolder hedcuts last time. Two days since receiving mail package with Pigma Microns. I was thinking what face to test, finally I stopped on Rowan Atkinson as Walter Goodfellow from 'Keeping mum' (2005). First of all I needed vivid and contrasted features. For another thing I knew that in process of subduing new pens I may be have to redraw the hedcut, making corrections etc, so I didn't go wrong and chose face that wouldn't annoy me.

Finally I liked the result with bolder pens, they are press-sencitive and I could vary the bolndess of the stipple without changing the size. Though I'm not sure I will use these concrete sizes for the hairs, I need something more delicate I suppose,

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