Stipple portraits of Shaun Evans and Roger Allam

Hedcut portrait of Fred thursday and Endeavour Morse
Portrait is clickable
I had some free time and drew new hedcut. If you ask me what I call 'true detective' I wouldn't tell you about stylish criminal drama with haggard Matthew Mcconaughey. What I think first is british TV series about young inspector Morse and Fred Thursday with amazing actors Shaun Evans and Roger Allam respectively. Here they are, 'Endeavour' stars stippled by me on group hedcut portrait.

Some time ago I decided to continue my exercises with crosshatching. Usually I use only dots/stipples on hedcut, even on suits drawing, and very few lines where it needs, for example on hedcut contours or curles forming. On this artwork I did crosshatching on coats and it was interesting to play with lights and shadows on folds. I think I will continue with this technique, in some cases it's much more effective than stipples.

Here is a larger fragment.

I didn't spend much time on background, I'm sure it should be subtle and non distractive here.