Stipple portrait of Kang-ho Song (송강호).

Here I have drawn hedcut portrait of the most admirable south korean actor Kang-ho Song (송강호).

First time I saw him in 'Memories of Murder' (Salinui chueok, 살인의 추억), and this is still my favorite film with this actor though since that time I've seen 'Thirst', 'Antarctic Journal', 'Host', 'Age of shadow' and other movie.

I suppose I should see 'Attorney', Song Kang-ho looks really unusual in his formal suit with that haircut a la lawyer from the late 70s.


Top post: hedcut for your business.

I created this stipple portrait for one company about a year ago. Few more portraits I have drawn for this firm later.

Corporate clients choose hedcuts to represent their staff on web and information catalogues for different reasons.
One and main reason is that engraving technique looks traditional, stable, old-fachioned in a good way and at the same time brings the feeling of timeless.

Another reason is technical: woodcut images still look crisp and clear even in a very small size whether it is printed or web page.


Hedcut portrait of Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

I'm a fan of Vanessa Anne Hudgens since The Frozen Ground (2011) where she created unforgettable character of young prostitute. I saved some photos of her in 2011 and only now found few hours to do the hedcut. She is brunette, so contrasted bold graphic works the best way here. The main detail of her image for me is  her mouth and hairs, so I accented it on the stipple portrait.

John Cusack with his kind intelligent face is very good as serial killer here.



Some words about hedcut technique.

This is one of my recently done hedcut for one web project. The number of stipple portraits drawn for this client is already over than 30 and I was very happy to work with them.

When you draw for the same client for years the most difficult thing is to keep the style which you have been using all that time for his portraits. Dot size and detailization level should still be almost the same. You draw portraits for another client with differents requirements and it may cause the changes in draw technique. What you have to do here is to keep an eye on previous hedcuts from this series while drawing the next one.

Finally you learn to switch easily but this is the dead end track. What you really need