Woodcut illustration of farm with cows eating grass

Recently I did another cow-themed woodcut illustration for the package. Client asked for the bold, simple enough woodcut lines.


Woodcut stipple portraits for labels

Last year I did series of stipple portraits for t-shirt brand, I'm happy to see the result. They just placed hedcut sewers portraits on labels. I think it's a really great idea:

Photo by That's Los Angeles


Musician hedcut portrait

Knxledge hedcut portrait
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Recently I was commissioned to draw stipple portrait of musician. Original photo was really great, professional, black and white with balanced contrast.
Usually I have to do some work to prepare the photo, sometimes it's a really solid task, and not only contrast tunning, it's just like a plastic surgery when you repair defects of the camera or objective distortions. But this time the photo was ready and I got so much pleasure drawing hedcut on it.
Here I decided mostly go with dots, maximally avoiding lines and crosshatching.


The biggest size hedcuts ever.

Platon hedcut portrait

I was invited to create 8 stipple portraits of foreign writers, from Platon to Sartr, for the State library for foreign literature in Moscow.

Here are few photos from some of the events where my hedcuts are integrated into print materials, from small booklets to large press-walls and banners.

Guys from graphic design team did fantastic job and developed the system of special symbols for the graphic style (identity). I'm happy that they decided to contact me and invite to this project.



Cara Delevingne hedcut portrait

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Cara Delevingne hedcut portrait

This is a hedcut portrait of very beautiful charming cheerful model and actress Cara Delevingne. I have chosen unusually serious photo for the stipple drawing just because I love the color harmony there. As usual I tried to combine bold engraving with stipple pen and ink look.
P.S. Waiting for the Valerian movie impatiently.