Hedcut portrait of Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

I'm a fan of Vanessa Anne Hudgens since The Frozen Ground (2011) where she created unforgettable character of young prostitute. I saved some photos of her in 2011 and only now found few hours to do the hedcut. She is brunette, so contrasted bold graphic works the best way here. The main detail of her image for me is  her mouth and hairs, so I accented it on the stipple portrait.

Sometimes we see talented actors who play their role with just one part of face or body, Vanessa does it with her lips and teeth.

John Cusack with his kind intelligent face is very good as serial killer here.
He is playing real life maniac Robert Hansen, but something in his grimace really reminds Chikatilo in this movie.



Hedcut portrait of Rowan Atkinson

Here I tried new pen sizes, as I tend to bolder hedcuts last time. Two days since receiving mail package with Pigma Microns. I was thinking what face to test, finally I stopped on Rowan Atkinson as Walter Goodfellow from 'Keeping mum' (2005). First of all I needed vivid and contrasted features. For another thing I knew that in process of subduing new pens I may be have to redraw the hedcut, making corrections etc, so I didn't go wrong and chose face that wouldn't annoy me.

Finally I liked the result with bolder pens, they are press-sencitive and I could vary the bolndess of the stipple without changing the size. Though I'm not sure I will use these concrete sizes for the hairs, I need something more delicate I suppose,


Stipple portraits of Shaun Evans and Roger Allam

Hedcut portrait of Fred thursday and Endeavour Morse
Portrait is clickable
I had some free time and drew new hedcut. If you ask me what I call 'true detective' I wouldn't tell you about stylish criminal drama with haggard Matthew Mcconaughey. What I think first is british TV series about young inspector Morse and Fred Thursday with amazing actors Shaun Evans and Roger Allam respectively. Here they are, 'Endeavour' stars stippled by me on group hedcut portrait.

Some time ago I decided to continue my exercises with crosshatching. Usually I use only dots/stipples on hedcut, even on suits drawing, and very few lines where it needs, for example on hedcut contours or curles forming. On this artwork I did crosshatching on coats and it was interesting to play with lights and shadows on folds. I think I will continue with this technique, in some cases it's much more effective than stipples.

Here is a larger fragment.

I didn't spend much time on background, I'm sure it should be subtle and non distractive here.


Philip Seymour Hoffman hedcut

Recently I had rewatched 'Happiness' (1998) and again enjoyed how genius Philip Seymour Hoffman played perverted sociopath. Right after the movie I was drawing his portrait: such an expressive and textured face is really great for stippling.